LSF Hand Pack System

Hand Pack System

The Solid Wall Infill System is designed on the principle of been able to tie into any one of the many foundation systems and designs on the market. From a conventional Raft or Strip foundation to a Screw In pile System. All of which are to be designed based on Geo-Tech reports and sound Engineering principles.

The structural frame of the system consists of a Light Gauge Steel frame Roll formed C section. This is designed using the latest Roll Forming Technology and produced in a controlled environment, ensuring the best quality and accuracy. The C Section comprises 90mm x 40mm x 8mm and is rolled using 0.80mm ISQ 550 Zinc-Alum steel. All tooling and punching is done during the roll forming process so as not to compromise the Zinc-Alum coating. The panel is made up of a Top Plate, Noggin and Bottom Plate. All held together by vertical studs at 600mm centres.

The entire structure is secured to the floor using floor using Nylon Plugs and 10 x 80mm Coach Screw. A square oversized washer is paced between the screw head and the steel bottom plate. ABE’s Super Lykold Tape forms the weather barrier between the Concrete floor and the Light Gauge Steelframe Panel. This applies to the internal walls as well.

All wall panels are clad on one side with 9mm Magnesium  Oxide Board that has been given a taper edge for the joints to be skimmed. The boards are secured using 10 x 22mm Fiber –Zip Screws at 300 centres to both the vertical and horizontal components of the Light Gauge Steelframe Panel. Tylon Key-It is then applied, using a Tyrolean Machine, to the inside of the MGO Board. This gives the bond that is required for the concrete mix to adhere to.

The 90mm C section channel is then either Hand Packed or Shot-creted with a 20mpa concrete mix. The C section is built up in three (3) layers; this is then troweled down in line with the Steel Studs to give a clean flat service. The plaster consists of Thermal plaster and cement, mixed to manufactures pacifications, to a 14mpa finish. This plaster can be finish off to any style.

Windows and doors can be of Steel, Wood or Aluminium. The frames are secured using Manufactures tie in clips and sealed using either Polyurethane spray foam or Flexothane sealant. There are also various clip-in systems, creating an external reveal that can be used on this style of building.